Whiskey & Cigar Barrel Bars

We are super excited about our new Whiskey and Cigar Oak Barrel Bars.

They are currently being made from french oak barrels with sold oak sleeper top and old oak crates for the back shelving.

We can supply our bars at any event, a real treat for the gentlemen at your event.

The research has begun for the whiskeys, we want the right variety of whiskeys and have been spending time to taste and research these so we have the knowledge to share with your guests, It has been a tough task!!

Gentleman Jack -  A very smooth and distinct flavour due to the double charcoal mellow process. True sipping whiskey with a beautiful smooth finish, not to be judged by the cheaper Jack Daniels offerings.

Knob Creek - Really is my favourite bourbon. Rich and smooth and the fresh vanilla finish is absolutely sublime. Let it sit. Drink it slow. Think Kentucky chew.

Ballentines Aged 21 Years – As a top notch premium blend, this is the finest example of whisky crafting. Hints of citrus, vanilla, chocolate and peat. Sweet and layered with flavours that unfold gently. A personal favourite for special occasions.

Chivas Regal 18 – Not much on the nose but a smooth palate with a woody, malty, peppery smoke finish but a hint of  light fruitiness.

Johnnie Walker Black Label. - This blend has a truly complex nose, with a bit of smoke and a juicy fruit. Oily and creamy in the palate, giving an opulent mouthful. Finish is quite long, in sum a respectable player in the Premier Blends League.

Dimple 15 Years – An elegant blend which will grace any bar cabinet. Rich and complex with higher proportions of aged malts, this whisky has a body, aroma, palate and finish of a vintage thoroughbred

Wild Turkey 81 – In Wild Turkey 81 you will experience – strong smell, caramel, vanilla, corn, cinnamon, oak, spicy!!! Flavors of caramel and vanilla mix well with fragrant of corn.

Loch Lomand 12 year –  One of apple, two of oak, orange with allspice, yet no smoke. An enjoyable and gentle drink.

Aberlour 18 Year – At first anonymous. Then, after a while, fresh fruits, nectar, vanilla, oak-spice and sweet malt reveal itself. It’s mellow and sneaky taste with vanilla and fruity honey-filled butterscotch. The finish is spicy and sweet, maybe a bit too much of wood from the oak-spice. But all in all, a lovely dram!

Lagavulin 16 Years – At some stage in your journey through Single Malts you will try Lagavulin. It is an experience like no other. After tasting, the rest have to be very good whiskies to remain in the memory! Smoke & peat rich with tastes of the Islay salt it is quite simply unique and treasured amongst Single Malts.

Talisker – In a world where we worship the bland and untalented this shines like a beacon as uncompromising and unique. Love it or hate it this classic Single Malt should be revered as a superb example of the art of distilling!

Knockando 18 Years – Well what can I say, a beautiful and truly enjoyable whiskey. Very smooth and goes down far too easily, trust me!

Macallan Fine Oak 21 Years – Part of the Fine Oak range from the Macallan distillery in Speyside, this 21 year old is a marriage of both bourbon and sherry matured whisky. Possibly one of the most expensive drinks I have ever had the pleasure of sipping.


This is a completely new service that we are offering, we are very excited to be one of the first to be doing this. The design of the bars, the products we will be selling are first class.

Please do email: [email protected] if you wish to book one of our bars.




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